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This mountain is one of the rare karst phenomena in Albania and one of the rarest and in Europe, in size and extent. This mountain got its name from its upper surface, which is filled with karstic pits, which are formed by
the digestion of limestone in the ice age. These pits have a depth that goes
from a few tens of meters, up to over 100 meters in certain areas. Some of these
pits end with wells that expand into underground karstic caves. this
mountain is the producer and the beginning of some streams that cross the district of Tirana. from
this mountain is supplied with water by the Selita spring. Its highest point reaches 1847.3 meters since
it is also called the peak of Mcek (also known as Micek). It is a destination for everyone
mountaineering and skiing enthusiasts. In winter it is almost always covered
with snow, reaching occasionally up to several meters, making it suitable for sports
of extreme skiing. There are no signs, but there are paths that lead to the highest point
great. The mountain is mostly bare of trees, except for low vegetation.
The road to him can continue in two directions Tirana - Qafëmollë, and Tirana -
Shënmëri (Shengjergj). The road to Shenmeri and Qafëmollë is mostly better.
Then proceed to the rural road and walk up to the destination.

👉🏻 1 day trip to Gropa-Tirana Mountain
* The plan!

  • Departure is at 7:00 in the morning.
  • Meeting place: -Sheshi A.Rustemi New Bazaar Tirana Albania
  • Stop for a little coffee break in Qaf priske where we can see
    Tirana Region.
  • We continue our guide through the village of Qaf Molles to Qafen of the stop potato
    even a little panoramic walk between the fantastic forest of Aheheve the opportunity to do videos also explored Feken together with Selita Team.
  • We fill the spring water at the fountain of Feken, we get ready for challenges and adventures in climbing
  • Mounting with Gropa driving will take about 1 hour and a half max 2 hours depending on the group
    , climbing gates we will have the opportunity to take lots of panoramic photos enjoying across
    low forests and full of greenery.
  • We reach the highest peak of the mountain 1847.3 meters, which is also called the peak of Mceku.
    (also known as Micek), the view it offers is impassable
    different sizes, space at a 360-degree angle where it distinguishes the top of the mountain
    Tomorri, Malet Librazhdit, Dibres Martanesh, Elbasan, etc. we take a little break at the top in a place where the wind does not blow us, there we will consume the food we have taken.
  • On the way back we will enjoy another road with fantastic views of the formed pits
    from the eurozone, we stay and collect wild bio strawberries through the valleys and
    shades of.
  • At the end of the whole tour, we sit down and relax a bit in the fecundity groves from
    we left and then we left for Tirana at around 19.00-20.00 in the afternoon.

👉🏻 This is a fantastic Guide combined with:

  • -History
  • -Art
  • -Hiking
  • -Adventure
  • -Explore

👉🏻 What should we take with us: Backpack with:

  • -Flashlight
  • -Sunscreen
  • -Hat
  • -Glasses
  • -Sandwich / Food
  • -Water 1.5L
  • -Dry fruit, chocolate,
  • -Sandals / Sneakers for walking.
  • -Long short length.
  • -Bathroom clothes etc

️👉🏻 Includes:

  • My minibus transport
  • Guida / Accompaniment

👉🏻This Guide is combined with;

  • story
  • culture
  • Aventure
  • exploration
  • Traditional food.
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