📑 3-days guide "Passage to" Theth-Valbone-Lumi Shales-Koman"

👉🏻Program: first day

  • Departure from Tirana 06:00, near A. Rustemi Square, New Bazaar, Tirana, Albania.
  • Stop for rest and coffee in Shkodra, then continue our journey towards adventure in the Namuna Mountains. "Theth".
  • Along the way, we will pass through a fantastic valley in the beautiful valley of Boga, stop and see a panoramic view of the whole area opportunities for photos, and a little rest.
  • The next stop will find us at an altitude of over 1800 m above sea level, we are in Qaf-Thore, otherwise, we will call the Balcony of the Namuna Mountains where we see in the palm of our hand the three highest mountains: Radohima, Sheniku, Papluku, with an altitude of over 2500, as well as "Thethin-Tropoja Alps-Kosovo Alps".
  • We arrive in Theth at 12:30, then accommodation in the guesthouse Bjeshket e Namuna in rooms 2/3/4 as desired.
  • Lunch time-around 13:30 at the guesthouse "Bjeshket e Namuna" with fresh and BIO local products (soup, potatoes, lamb or goat, river trout, etc.).
  • The next destination is the Blue Eye or as it is known by the locals (Eye of Kaprese), we cross the wire bridge to look at the stone waterfalls, which are rock formations created by the abundant streams of water, to go to the Village While we will use Local transport (high vans as it is a depreciated road), this service costs 500 lek and is not included in the package.
  • Stop at Nderlyse where we will have the opportunity to explore the stone baths, their appearance is quite interesting as having completely round and smooth shapes, they are rock masses finalized with a natural pool with crystal clear water opportunity to cool underwater crystal emanating from the Eye of Caprese.
  • Then we continue the road to the Blue Eye, the location of this beauty is in Lower Kapre, one of the most beautiful villages in the Alps. The Blue Eye is one of the rarest beauties in all of Albania. It is formed by the Black River, which originates in the Black Peak. It is formed by the erosion of rock by water coming down from the mountain.
  • Here we will have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the magical view, (Time about 2 hours back and forth on foot)
  • On the way back from the Blue Eye to the Village, we will visit another very special attraction "Grunas Canyon", which is about 2 km long and 60 meters deep, and varies from 2-3 meters wide to 30-40 m.
  • We continue the walk towards the magical waterfall of Grunas, which is one of the most special natural beauties in the Albanian Alps, which has been declared a natural monument protected by the state. (Time around 1:30 min round trip).
  • The Tower of Isolation, an ancient and stoic tower that has become a symbol of peace.
  • Theth Church is a Catholic church in Theth of Shkodra district, built in 1892, the Church was one of the first constructions in this place where the parish priest of the church lived.
  • Then we return to the guesthouse around 19:00, after we are comfortable it is time for animations different games like volleyball with a fantastic field between the mountains.
  • Dinner, around 20:30 we will serve dinner with a fantastic menu with traditional dishes of the area.
  • We gather around the small fire, we will bake corn and potatoes, music with, joy, various games as well as animations until midnight.

👉🏻 Second day: Theth Pass - Valbona Pass - Tropoja

Waking up early in the morning, a little walking or gymnastics in the mountains under the guidance of the guide (optional) - consume breakfast around 7:00, prepare for another destination.

Theth ↔️ Valbone is one of the most beautiful trips not only in Albania but also in the world. This part from Valbona to Theth or vice versa is part of the Peaks of The Balkans between Albania - Kosovo - Montenegro, which has won the "Best Trail of The Year" Award for 2013.

  • Around 07:30 we leave for challenges and Adventure will cross from Thethi to Valbone during the crossing we will take vacations along the way, according to the rhythm of the group, walking between the Alps and the mountains take about 6 hours on foot.
  • Around 14:00 we arrive in the Valley, we are accommodated in one of the best inns in the area. Room 2/3/4 according to your wish, lunch is coming where we will enjoy traditional Tropojan dishes (optional).
  • Another magical destination awaits us Valbona River which passes through the valley is a river with a unique view, the opportunity to go to the beach and get a ray in the crystal clear water that springs from Jezerce Mountain, we also visit the mill that is located between the river,
  • Lake Xhema is a small picturesque lake surrounded by the beauty of the Beeches and greenery, located on the left bank of the river, part of the valley, it takes a 10-15 mins walk to get there.
  • Around 20:30, it is time to consume dinner with traditional local food followed by music and games.

👉🏻 Third day: Fjerze-Shales River - Koman Lake

  • Waking up early in the morning, a little walking or gymnastics in the valley under the guidance of the guide (optional) - we consume breakfast around 7:30 - 8.00, with fresh local products then we prepare for the next adventure at 9.00 we are in Fjerze.
  • We depart around 9:00 we depart where we will take the ferry to Fierze with a magical journey between the middle of Lake Koman and head to the Shales River,
  • Shala River-Blin Park is one of the most fascinating places in Albania, which offers accommodation. -Imagine an exotic trip, with clear rivers, with a blue color, surrounded by blini, detached from everything, a place with fantastic food and an impressive view.
  • Boating takes about 3 hours along with the return, the blue and cool color of the water is characteristic of this river, the steep cliffs that surround it.
  • After we arrived from the boat cruise we will rest at Blini Park a picturesque and very relaxing oasis, free time to relax / Beach and free walk in the virgin nature that surrounds us, around 15.00 we start heading to the cave of Kauri.
  • After visiting and exploring the famous Kauri Cave, another virgin historical-cultural destination in the area of ​​Puka inside the lake of Koman, we continue towards Koman a little rest and get ready to return home.
  • Arrival in Tirana 21:00 with the best impressions from our trip, this is where our service ends.

Thank you for your trust we will serve you with pleasure and professionalism

"Guida Albania" is not just a guide but also an expedition.

  • The package costs: 185 euro per person and includes:
  • Minibus transport
  • Transport by vans of Theth - Nderlysa area
  • Boating
  • Bed and Breakfast 2 nights
  • Guide / companion

👉🏻 This expedition / Guide is combined with;

History-Culture-Fun-Adventure-Beach-Exploration-Mountaineering-Sailing-Traditional bio food, etc.

👉🏻 What should we have with us in our backpack;

  • -2-5 liters of water, dried fruits, chocolate, refreshing / energy drinks, etc.
  • -Sunscreen, hats, goggles, electric car charger battery.
  • -Shoes / Sneakers, sandals for hiking.
  • -Cotton underwear with short and long sleeves for the evening.

👉🏻 The price does not include everything that is not mentioned in this program.

👉🏻 Guide This guide is not suitable for young children, it is suggested from the age of 15 and up.

👉🏻 Bookings are made 5-6 days in advance and for more information contact us and visit our offices.

Address: Behind the mark Fish Pall.10 floor, second floor New Bazaar Tirana Albania.

-Contact: +355 697236304, WhatsApp, Viber, Sms, Call.


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