📑The plan

  • Departure is at 7:00 in the morning.
  • Meeting place: -Sheshi A.Rustemi New Bazaar Tirana Albania
  • Stop for a little coffee break in the priske where we have the opportunity to see
    Tirana Region.
  • We continue our guide through the village of Qaf Molles, even a little panoramic walk between the fantastic forest and the opportunity to take photos/videos.
  • As well we will explore Feken together with the Selita Teas.
  • We fill the spring water at the fountain of Feken and we continue in the direction of another destination as
    in the Mountain, we will walk along the path of the car enjoying the fantastic minibus
    views of the pits formed by the eurozone, we stay and collect
    wild organic strawberries in the valleys and forest shades.
  • The next destination is Lepurur Lake located in the village of Shengjergj,
    where we will look at a dominant point from above pearl view for pictures and
  • Vali Gorge and Cave is another fantastic attraction of the area, the cave is
    up to 150 m high and over 250 m long.

👉🏻 * The Legend of Val *

Many years ago there was a Cobaneshe who was grazing her cattle near her
Cave. it was called Vali while a heavy rainstorm and hail
unfortunately, the river of business that entered the cave has kidnapped Cobanesha together with
her cattle, from the gorge through the Cave and has taken her to Martanesh, since
the day the inhabitants called it the Gorge and the Cave of the Wave
After exploring the cave, we set off on a three-way destination, Lake Bize, which has
a fantastic view that has been advertised by my Finance and Minister K. E. Rama
we walk across the lake we see the relaxing views that are covered with the branches of the forest until
in the lake, the ideal place to consume some food we have taken with us
We leave the lake for our last destination as the Shengjergj waterfall is one
the attraction of our capital, the waterfall is up to 35 m high, and a large inflow of water
especially in the Spring Time and there is a special beauty that should not be left without

  • At the end of the whole tour, we sit down and relax a bit in the Shengjergj lawns and
  • We leave Tirana at around 19.00 in the afternoon.

👉🏻 This is a fantastic Guide combined with;

  • -History
  • -Art
  • -Hiking
  • -adventure
  • -Explore

👉🏻 What should we take with us: Backpack with:

  • -Flashlight
  • -Sunscreen
  • -Hat
  • -Goggles
  • -Sandwich / Food
  • -Uje1.5 lt
  • -dry fruit, chocolate,
  • -Sandals / Sneakers for walking.
  • -Long short length.
  • -Bathroom clothes.etc

👉🏻 Includes:

  • 1.My minibus transport
  • 2.Guida / Accompaniment

👉🏻 This Guide is combined with;

  • story
  • culture
  • Aventure
  • exploration
  • Traditional food.
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