Super guide ne Majen e Papingut

Papingut has a dramatic east face – which drops 2000 Meter into the Vjosa Valley, near Permët. Ascend from the east is reserved for suitably equipped climbers ready to cope with the reputedly bad rock. But the mountain can be relatively easily scaled from the valley of Zagoria on its west side. Zagoria in itself is tremendously beautiful, and a climb of Nemerckë offers all the views.It is still a long hike (4-5 hours up, and half the time down), with 1400 Meter elevation gain.

To approach Papingut, leave from Gjirokaster for Libohove and continue through the Gryka e Selckës canyon to Polican. There is a guesthouse. From there, continue for about 10 kilomters in the direction of Sopik. On your way you pass through the village of Skore. Further on, note the waypoint, where a sharp turn to left leads to the trailhead, at the bottom of a large field of talus.

  • The Progamme:
  • This is two days Guide Around Gjirkostra district