Amazing Hiking +Beach Tours All around Albania

  1. Picking you up from the airport.
  2. Sending to the Hotel in Tirana center.
  3. City Tour around Tirana.
  4. Cable car Adventure up to the Dajti Mountain.
  5. Back to the center and hotel.
  • Day 2   TIRANE-THETH
  1. Starting at 06:00 in the morning.
  2. Picking up from your hotel and going straight ahead to Theth.
  3. Visit the Boga Village.
  4. Visit Thore Neck in 2000m hight sea above.
  5. Arriving to the Thethi village to get our accommodation at the Guest House.
  6. Time to visit the Blue Eye, hiking for 2 hours.
  7. Time for some beach at the river and to explore the Grunasi canyons.
  8. Turning back at the Guest house.
  9. Dinner time with traditional food of Thethi.
  1. Breakfast in the Guest house around 08.00-09.00am.
  2. Time to explore some other destinations.
  3. Visit the Isolation Tower.
  4. The church of the Villlage.
  5. Hiking at the Grunasi Waterfall and some canyons (1.45  minutes hiking).
  6. Back to the village and going to the Shkodra city, visit the center of Shkodra.
  7. Getting our accommodation at the Buna Park Hotel, near to the Buna River.
  8. Time for relaxing at swimming pool or coffee.
  9. On evening we will visit Shiroka Village, near to Shkodra lake.
  10. Visit at Rozafa Castle.
  1. Breakfast at the hotel 08.00-09.00am.
  2. Going to Komani lake, it takes 1.30 minutes driving from Shkodra.
  3. Getting our boat and now its time for boat Adventure.
  4. We will make boat sailing( 1.30 minutes) through the Komani Lake to explore it.
  5. Next destinations its Lumi Shales, we will visit all beautiful destinations that area offer.
  6. Next stop is Kuarri Cave, very ancient one of the area.
  7. Time for 2 hour hiking if you like to go up  the Shoshi apples (its opsional), if you don’t like hiking, you can stay on the river for beach.
  8. Time to enjoy the traditional food of the area.
  9. Taking the boat again and back to the Koman harbour, going to the South Coast of Albania.
  10. First stop it will be the Vlora city.
  11. First get our accommodation at the hotel in Vlora.
  12. Visit the Zverneci island, manastir, Narta lagoon.
  1. Breakfast in you hotel 08.00-09.00am.
  2. Time for ship adventure, straight Sazani Island, the biggest island in Albania.
  3. Next destination is Karaburuni Peninsula, will be exploring the best place such as:
  4. Haxhi Ali cave, the only Albanian Pirate long time ago.
  5. Shen Vasili Bay, time for private beaches as you wish (2 hours relax).
  6. Time for lunch there with sea food of th area, after that we go back to the starting point.
  7. Coffe time and starting to explore the Albanian Riviera to the southern Albania.
  8. Visiting Llogara national park.
  9. Visit Himara city and their beaches.
  10. Porto Palermo castle.
  11. Accommodation at your hotel, in Saranda city.
  12. Dinner at Saranda.
  1. Breakfast at the hotel 08.00-09.00am.
  2. Time for speed boat adventure to explore Krorzez/Kakome bay, secret bay, ect.
  3. Lunch at Krorez restaurant.
  4. Explore Turtle Cave and some virgin Bays.
  5. Back to your hotel.
  1. Time for dinner and walk around sidewalk -Brekfast at the hotel around 08.00-09.00am.
  2. Going to Ksamil Islands.
  3. Boat adventure to the Tongo Island (Greece border).
  4. Proper time to get some sunshine and beach at one virgin bay of the area.
  5. Explore some other virgin bays.
  6. Time for lunch with fish of the area.
  7. Visit Pema e Thate Bay.
  8. Visit Merli Cape for one hour.
  9. Back to Ksamil, accommodation in hotel of the small city.
  1. Brekfast at the hotel 08.00-09.00am.
  2. Visit or explore 4 Island there, time for beach 🏖 (2-3 hours).
  3. Lunch time with traditional sea food.
  4. Visit Blue eye at Delvina district.
  5. Visit the Gjirokaster city, also the castle.
  6. Going to UNESCO City of  Berat.
  7. Accommodation in the hotel in Berat.
  8. Visit the castle of Berati.
  9. Visit the center of the city (mosque and churchs).
  • Day 9   BERAT-TIRANE
  1. Breakfast around 08-09.00am.
  2. Visit the one over one windows, also the old Bridge of the city.
  3. During the road next stop its Belshi city and lake.
  4. Accomodation in the hotel in Tirana.


  1. Breakfast in the hotel 08.00am.
  2. Getting ready for the Airport.

-This is the end of our service, thank you for your Coming 🙏

📍The package cost 895 € for Person (min 10 pax group) and includes

-Private Transport

-Nine nights Hotel ¾ stars with breakfasts

-Cable cabin ticket

-Boat Tickets Koman lake

-Boat Tickets to Krorez, Kakome bays

-Boat ticket to  the Sazani Island

-Boat ticket to  the Tongo Island

-Personal Guide all around Albania

-All entries to the castles of Albania

Note: This is a ten days tour to the most beautiful destinations around Albania with 3-4 days hiking (not to much), mostly to the north of Albania and 5-6 days around Albanian Riviera. The tour is combined with:History, Culture, Explore and boat Adventure

If you don’t like to take the boat adventure (you can stay just in the beach) of course the package it will be more cheaper


This tour is designed  for group of friends also for families+kids (minimum 4-6 person), if you can not reach this number, you have to join with someone else of group (8-10-12 persons)

Booking tour: You can book in 365 days of the year

Choose the tour, contact us directly and we will set up your dates as you wish to travel

Thank you very much for coming and for your Trust!

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