•Day 1•

-Picking up from the airport

-Visit the center of Tirana

-Visit Skenderbeg Square

-Visit the Ali Ethem Beu Mosque

-Visit the Namasgja Mosque

-Time for dinner hallall restaurant in center of Tirana

•Day 2•

-Breakfast in the hotel 07:30-09:00am

-Going straight to the Dajti Mountin, by cable car adventure

-Visit the Dajti National Park and time for lunch with traditional food (hallall)

-Adventure with Mountain Bycicle 12 km trail (it takes 1:45 min)

-Back to cable station and visit the BunkArt 2 (an amazing and big automik bunker)

-Back to Tirana

-Visit Tabaku bridge, ect

-Get acomodation to the Hotel.

-Dinner time (around 19:30 PM)


•Day 3•

-Breakfast in hotel and going to the Southern Albania


-Rafting adventure at Osumi Canyon

-Lunch time with tradition food

-History time and culture

-Visit Berati Castle

-Visit Old City, 1001 windows houses

-Acomodation at hotel in Berat

-Dinner and coffee time at the center

•Day 4•

-Breakfast in hotel 7:30-9:30am

*Getting ready for next adventure*

-Going to Vlora District

-Time for Paragliding from Llogara National Park down to the Coast, (it's takes 15 minutes flying)

-Lunch time at Llogara park

-Hiking time at Cika mountain (4-5 hours)

-Back at the city, time for dinner with traditional food (seafood)

•Day 5•

-Breakfast in hotel 07:30-09:00 am

-Visit the Lungo mare pedal

-Visit Zverneci Island

-Going to the Thethi national Park

-Visit: Center of village

: Famous Church

:Isolated Tower

-Hiking at the Grunasi Fall (its take around 2 hours)

-Accommodation at Guest House in Thethi

-Dinner time with traditional food

•Day 6•

-Breakfast in the morning around 06:00- 07:00am

-Time for strong hiking from Thethi to Valbona

-The trail it through the mountains, its takes around 6-7 hours to arrive at Valbona Valley

-After arriving at Valbona Valley, time for lunch with traditional food

-Explore the Valbona Valley, the River and the small lake

-Going to Kosovo

-Visit Prizren, Center, Mosque, ect

-Dinner time at Prizren City

-Accommodation at the Hotel in Prizren

•Day 9•

-Breakfast in hotel around 07:00-08:00am

-Going to Peja City, visiting the center

-Visit Drini WaterFall, Radaci Cave

-Lunch time

-Going at Rugova Pearls

-Time for new adventure Viaferrata in Rugova Neck (3-4 hours)

-Visit Rugova Canyon

-Accommodation at wooden cottage at Rugova

•Day 8•

-Breakfast in hotel around 08:00-09:00am

-Time to hike up the Liqenati (2-3 hours)

-Back to the starting point

-Going to Prishtina

-Visit the city center

-Dinner time

•Day 9

-Breakfast at hotel 07:00-09:30am

-Getting ready for Airport of Prishtina


•This is the end of our adventure•


*Many thanks for your coming 🙏


This is package, cost 949€ for person and includes:


2.Hotel rooms




6.Cable cabin ticket

7.Enter ticket et Bunk art

8.Bycicle tour



11.Via ferrata

12.Enter tickets at Radacit Cave

13.Guides all around Albania and Kosovo


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