📑 Information about Berishe River

🚗 Itinerary

  • We depart from Tirana at 06:00 at the cafe Bazaar i Ri Tirane.
  • Coffee stop 20 min.
  • We arrive at the long-awaited place where everything you see looks like a dream, we are in Lake Koman.
  • We rest for a few minutes relaxing with the view that the surrounding terrain offers us.
  • This is where the cruise adventure begins and we get ready to ride in the boat, everything is ready and a magical journey between the wonders of the Albanian Alps that has just begun.
  • The boat trip takes about 3 hours with the return.
  • The blue and cold color of the water is characteristic of this river, the steep cliffs that surround it, seem to touch the sky with their hands.
  • After arriving from the boat trip we will stop at Blini Park for a picturesque oasis and relaxing terrace, free time to relax / Beach, and a free walk in the virgin nature that surrounds us.
  • Time to consume Lunch with organic food specially prepared for us by the Host House there.
  • My Adventure where any other extreme sport awaits us. We will do mountaineering for amateurs and professionals with climbing and descending ropes through rocks or trees, animations, or different play on the river bank as well as free beach as desired.
  • After visiting and exploring the famous Kauri Cave, another virgin historical-cultural destination in the Puka area within Lake Koman.
  • About 16:00 we are getting ready to return to the point where we started.
  • A little rest and we leave for Tirana, shortstop for coffee at Perla.
  • We arrive at 21: 30-22: 00.
  • This is where our service and adventure end.

👉🏻The price is 20 euros which include:

(This price is only for groups with more than 10 members)

  • Transportation coming and going from Tirana.
  • Diving by boat.
  • Alpine.
  • Guide Society.

👉🏻What to have with you.

Sportswear, Sneakers, Backpacks, 1 Liter Water Bottles, cotton changers, self-catering, dried fruits, chocolate, fresh drinks, and as energetic as you know how to be.

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