📑 A Daily Adventure Guide in "BUDVA-KOTORR-ULQIN"

👉🏻 The plan: Day I

  • Departure from Tirana 06:30 am, near A. Rustemi Square, New Bazaar, Tirana, Albania
  • Stop for a little rest and coffee in the northern center of Shkodra, then continue our journey in the direction of Montenegro.
  • Podgorica, lies at the crossroads of several important roads, near the rivers Zeta, Moraca (Niagara Falls), Cijevna, Ribnica, and Sitnice, to the valley of Lake Shkodra and near the Adriatic Sea. The earliest human settlements have been since prehistoric times by the Illyrians.
  • We visit the beautiful city and then Niagara Falls is our epicenter, the waterfall is a super Balkan tourist attraction, after enjoying nature we head towards Virpazar
  • Virpazar is a very small place as beautiful and strategically located on the lake of Skadar or Shkodra, which connects Bar, Ulqinj, and Podgorica. We will have the opportunity to do boat trips on the lake (this is optional), then time to consume lunch with traditional dishes of the area. We set off towards Ulcinj.
  • Ulqinj was founded around the 5th-century b.c. and with its Roman conquest in 163 p.e.s. , which means as an independent city within the Roman Empire The earliest traces of the castle of Ulcinj. They belong to the prehistoric period, when Ulcinj belonged to the Illyrians, a people of Indo-European origin. The old town of Ulcinj was founded in the 5th century BC. by Kolhet.
  • We return to Ulcinj, accommodation in rooms 2/3/4 people as desired and then free time to explore the city.
  • The most visited places in the city by tourists are Kulla e Balshajve Castle, Roberve Market, Palace, Royal Courtyard, and Kisha-Xhami e Ulqini.
  • Dinner with traditional Ulcinj dishes under the sounds of Albanian music. Accommodation at Hotel Kalaja in the center of Ulqinj.

👉🏻 Day II

  • Waking up early in the morning walking on the coast or on the cobbled streets of Ulcinj. Then we consume breakfast and continue with the next destination. He is Budva and Saint Stephen.
  • Saint Stephen is a very small island with 1.2 ml in the Adriatic Sea. Located about 6 km away from Budva, the pink sand beaches give it a magical landscape.
  • Explore this oyster by drinking a coffee under the spring breeze. The next destination is Kotor.
  • Kotor is a magical coastal city, the port of the city has been fortified with protective walls by the Venetians since the 15th-17th century. The Bay of Kotor is the most attractive part of the city. It has recently been placed under UNESCO protection.
  • We explore the city, the historic fortress, the fortified port, the monastery in the bay of Kotor. Then it is time for a submarine walk (optional 10 €) to visit the Bay of Kotor. In the end, it is Budva waiting for us,
  • Budva is the center of Montenegrin tourism city over 2500 years old. It is one of the oldest coastal settlements, the most beautiful attractions of the city are dancers, the old town, and the port.
  • . We consume lunch with traditional dishes (carp pan) in one of the best restaurants in the area. Then we get ready to go home.
  • This is the end of the journey and our adventure that will stay in your memory for a long time. Return to Tirana around 20:00 in the evening.

Thank you for your trust we will serve you with pleasure and professionalism.

👉🏻 2 days package costs; 45 euros 5500 lek per person and includes:

  • Minibus transport
  • Sleep in a hotel in Ulqinj
  • Breakfast
  • Dinner
  • Guide / companion

👉🏻 This expedition / Guide is combined with;

  • History-Culture-Fun-Adventure-Beach-Exploration-Sailing
  • Traditional organic food, etc.

👉🏻 What should we have with us in our backpack;

  • -Water 1-5 liters (frozen)
  • -Packaged foods, dried fruits, chocolates.
  • Refreshing/energetic drinks etc.
  • -Sunscreen, hats, goggles, electric car charger battery.
  • Sneakers, water sandals for walking on the river/lakeshore.
  • -Cotton underwear with short and long sleeves.

👉🏻 Reservations should be 4-6 days in advance and with more information, contact and visit our offices.

👉🏻 Note: The 1/2 trip is also suitable for children, from 1.3 free / 3-7 half price, if they are under 18 you must be equipped with a power of attorney from the parent.

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