The Canyon of Gjipe (Albanian: Kanioni i Gjipesë) is a bay and calcareous canyon located between Dhërmi and Vuno carved by the Ionian Sea in Vlorë County, Albania. The canyon occupies a length of 800 meters (2,600 ft) and a width that can vary between 10 meters (33 ft) and 20 meters (66 ft). It represents a narrow strait, created by the activity of the brook flowing through its narrow pass. There are numerous rock formations along the canyon, including a number of caves.

đź“‘The Program

👉🏻2 - day program Dhermi-Gjipe

  • Departure at hrs 06:00 in the bazaar of the new Tirana ( Sh. A.Rustemi ) stop for coffee during road
  • Time 10:30 we should be at Dhermi to Monastery of Shen. Theodorit, we visit the monastery and then depart towards Aventures in the Gulf of Gjipea.
  • Streets hold about 30-40 minutes to make the picture panoramic along the coast.
  • Arrive the Gulf of Gjipe and we take a rest. Later we accommodate the umbrellas 2/3/4 as optionally the later time to be relaxed near the sea in the crystal water.
  • It is time for lunch ( food will be prepared for the barbecue ), free time for the beach, or exploration.
  • Now we are in the middle of the Gulf of Gjipe.
  • During the exploration will have time for practicing the fantastic sport of Alpinism, where will you do climbing discounts with ropes around the cliffs of the canyon, it applies to professional and the amateurs.
  • It's optional per person if you do not want to walk and explore you can stay on the beach and enjoy it.
  • Then consume dinner with the delicious food bio of the area, then going to have any games.
  • Awakening earlier for those who have the spirit of fitness and will have m walking or slow run near the sea.
  • Around 7: 30-9: 00 we consume breakfast.
  • The next destination is fantastic which will explore the Cave of Pirates an attractive place.

👉🏻We have 2-3 opportunities to visit the Cave.

  • We will use the canoes from the beach in a gram to the cave and along the coast.
  • Caves can be visited even less hiking on land by your choice.
  • We also have a speedboat available that we can climb to the cave for 2 minutes and to the bay of St. Andre.
    (Jetski costs € 10 not included in the package).
  • Next, we will explore a destination that is called " Beach of Caves " you can walk again about the one-hour trip ( Optional )
  •  We return again in Gjipe relax and then lift up the camp.
  • At 16:00 we get ready to be back in Dhermi.
  • Riding to Tirana we stop for a bit at the waterfall of Borshi.
  • This is where our Service and Aveturara ends.
  • Explanation: For all those who do not want to walk with their feet up in Dhermi have the hull of the available service with jetski Gjipe-Dhermi which costs 10 € ( not included in the package ).
  • Return to Tirana around 21: 30-22: 00 in the evening

" Guida Albania" is not just a guide but also an expedition

👉🏻The package includes :

  • Transport minibusses
  • Sail with Kanoe
  • Accommodation of Camping
  • Dinner.
  • Breakfast.
  • Guide / society

👉🏻This expedition / Guide is combined with:

  • - History
  • - Culture
  • -Fun
  • - Adventure
  • - Beach
  • - Exploration
  • - Alpinism
  • - Kanoe
  • - Traditional organic food.

👉🏻What should we have in ourselves;

  • -Sleeping bag
  • - Blankets
  • - Water 3-5 liters (for 2 days )
  • - Foods to dry.
  • - Refreshing / energetic drinks
  • - sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, electrics.
  • - Sneakers for walking in the canyon
  • - undergarment with sleeves, short and long


Thank you for your trust we will serve you with pleasure and professionalism

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