The Ishëm River lies in Central Albania and is 74 km long. the main branch, comes from the river Zeza, 22 km long. Most inflows are added by rainwater and snowy mountains. The flow of river water is rapid, so it has formed a canyon. The canyon is separated in the middle by the Black River, which gives it a zig-zag shape. The rainiest months are November and December, so I do not suggest you travel during this period. This river starts to receive inflows from the western slopes of Skanderbeg Mountain and then joins other tributaries to flow into Rodon in Durrës.

-Departure 08:00 am on Saturday or Sunday

-Meeting place: A. Rustemi Square, New Bazzar,Tirana, Albania

* Tirana-Nikel-Kruje-Zeze river *

🌊We start from Tirana/Durres with our comfortable minibuse to the village of Kurcaj.

-Our adventure starts around 9:00am, between Kruja Mountain and Gamti Mountain!

-We visit the first medieval Bridge of the Canyon and getting ready for hiking in the direction of the Black River Canyon.

-Because the road on the river side is damaged we will bypass on the left side of the Kruja Mountain we go out again on the ancient road and added with cobblestones.

-The old road is very beautiful and panoramic, there is an medieval bridge build at XVII centery, connecting Durrës-Tirana-Kruja and Mat district.

-We walk through the canyons of the River and in the middle we stand at a very beautiful and very special waterfall, time for photo/video.

-The next destinations are some very large springs with crystal clear water which emerge through the cracks of the Rock in the beautiful shape of the Waterfall.

-The road winds along the river. There we encounter two high rocks that look like a high natural Gate.

-Arriving at the beautiful mystical bridge with three arches, it served to cross to the other side of the river.

-Stop to consume a little food at the Source and Dry Maple over 200 years old

-Here is the last point of the adventure, the return will be the same way we came. The whole Guide takes about 2 hours of climbing and 2 hours of Descent to the Village. The level of the guide is average and affordable for everyone.

-About 17:00 we leave for Tirana

-We arrive in Tirana/Durres around 18:00 pm

-Here's our Adventure Thank you for your trust!!!


The package costs 25 € per person and includes

(the price is for minimum 10 persons)

1.Transport with minibus

2.Association Guide

This Guide is combined with: History-Culture-Hiking-Aventure-Explore, ect.

-What to take with you: Backpack with: Hats-Sun glases/gloves-Short/cotton underwear etc. Food-water 1.5l, dried fruit, chocolate, .ect

Bookings 5-10 days in advance at our Agency behind the fish market 10-storey building on the second floor New Bazaar Tirana Albania

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