3 day guide in "DHERMI - GJIPE - GRAMES BAY"

✅ Program: First day

✅ Departure from Tirana 06:00 am near A. Rustemi square, new market, Tirana, Albania

✅ Stopping for a little rest and coffee in Llogara, then we continue our journey towards beautiful Dhermi

✅ At around 11:30 we have to be in Dhermì, we sit by the sea and have a little rest, after visiting the Monastery of Saint Theodorit, it was built in the 14th century on the ancient temple of the god Zeus and Artemis, the goddess of hunting, it was completed almost 500 years later. In 1946 it was closed by the communist regime and later became a military base for the Soviets, the Monastery is located on a wide hill covered with olive and cypress trees between Dhërmi and Gjipe Canyon. then we head towards Adventure in the Gjipese Bay

✅ The road takes about 30-40 minutes on foot, taking panoramic photos along the coast to the bay of Gjipese

✅ After arriving at Gjipese Bay, we rest a bit and started setting up our campsite to spend the night among the stars and the sea with 2/3/4 umbrellas as desired, later time to relax by the sea in the crystal clear water, free time

✅ After we have had enough rays, it is time to eat lunch (the food we have taken will be prepared in the oven) or in one of the restaurants in the area.

✅ Now we are in the middle of Gjipese Bay and we can't stay without exploring the fantastic Gjipese Canyon, it's time for exploration and adventure

✅ During the exploration we will have the opportunity to practice the fantastic sport of mountaineering, where we will climb and descend with ropes through the rocks of the canyon, this applies to professionals as well as amateurs.

- It is ideal for people who don't want to walk and explore, they can stay on the beach and enjoy the crystalline beach of the Ionian Sea.

✅ The magical sunset is coming in Gjipe, where it is more beautiful!! Then we eat dinner with organic food from the area, then we will have different games and animations under the light of the fire that we will light

✅ The second day

✅ Waking up early for those who have the spirit of fitness and we will have a walk or a little run by the sea. - Around 7:30-9:00 we eat breakfast. Then beach and relax as desired

✅ Another fantastic destination where we will explore is the Pirate Cave, a very attractive place inhabited in ancient times by different pirates.

✅ We have 2 possibilities to visit the Cave:

1. We will use canoes from Gjipese beach to the Pirate cave and along the coast. 2- we also have a boat available to go to the cave for 15 minutes as well as to St. Andrew's Bay. (The boat costs €10 not included in the package).

✅ If the time permits, we will explore another magical destination called "Cave Beach" where we will walk again for about 1 hour round trip (Oposionale)

✅ We return to Gjipe again, relax and then set up the campsite, around 16:00 we get ready to return to Dhermi, have lunch in one of the best restaurants in the area and then prepare for the Speedboat Cruise.

✅ Around 17:00 we leave by boat for the magical bay of Grame, this is our final destination which requires about 45 min of sailing.

✅. We arrive at the magical Grame Bay, we set up our campsite to spend the night with camping umbrellas for 2/3/4 people, according to your wish.

✅ Time for the beach, then we will explore this wonderful bay by going up to the balcony of Grama to enjoy the sunset as well as the ancient writings from the time of the Pirates.

✅ Diner time, we eat dinner with bio products from the area in a restaurant inside the bay, relax coffee, get close to the bubulak fire, games and various animations until late at night

✅ The third day

✅ Waking up early in the morning, a little walk, run or gymnastics by the sea under the guidance of the guide (as desired), we have breakfast and then free time for the beach for 4-5 hours

✅ The blue cave is another very attractive destination, time to explore the cave which is located near Grame Bay, entering the cave will be done from the sea and for this we will use a local boat to get to the end of the cave possibility to refresh on the magical blue beach of the cave, we stay about 30 minutes

✅ Saint Andrew's Bay is the last short stop destination, depending on the time we can do some beach and some exploration in this small bay surrounded by caves of natural beauty, etc.

✅ We head towards Tirana with a short stop for coffee or the famous yoghurt with nuts in Llogara

✅ This is where the journey ends and our adventure that will remain in your memory for a long time, returning to Tirana around 21:00-22:00 in the evening

✅ Thank you for your trust, we will serve you with pleasure and professionalism

✅"Guida Albania" not just a guide but also an expedition

✅ The 3-day camping package costs 85 euro per person and includes:

✅ Minibus transport

✅ Speedboat sailing

✅ Camping accommodation 2 nights (umbrella)

✅ Guide/companion

✅ Note: this guide is programmed for camping, for people who want to stay in a hotel, 50-60 euro extra, depending on the hotel prices in Dhermi.

✅ This expedition / Guide is combined with;


- Culture

- Fun



- Exploration

- Sailing

-Traditional organic food, etc

✅ What should we have with us in our backpack;

-Sleeping bag, mattress or blanket+carcafe

- 4-5 liters of water (frozen for 2 days)

- Packaged foods, dried fruits, chocolates.

- Refreshing/energy drinks, etc

-sun cream, hat, glasses, flashlight, car battery

-Shoes/Sneakers, sandals for walking in the sand and mountains

-Cotton shirts with short and long sleeves

✅ Reservations are made 5-6 days in advance and for more information contact us and visit our offices.

✅ Note: The 2/3 day trip is also suitable for children aged 3-5 free, 5-10 half price

✅ Address: Behind Fish Markat, 2nd floor, new market Tirana Albania

- Contact: +355 697236304, WhatsApp, Viber, SMS, Call



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