Daily guide in "Drilon-Korce-Voskopoje"

📑 The Program:

🚗 Departure from Tirana 07:00 am near A. Rustemi Square, New Bazaar, Tirana, Albania

👉🏻 Stop for a little rest and coffee along the national road in Librazhd then continue our journey towards the city of Lasgush (Pogradec).

👉🏻 Around 09:30 we arrive in the beautiful Pogradec, here begins our guide and adventure.

👉🏻 Pogradec is a nostalgic city! You can realize the feeling as soon as you go down the national road to discover the lake of seagulls and swans and the famous Koran. Around this city, there are picturesque villages with excellent spaces for tourism. During the hot summer season, in Pogradec and its surroundings, find fresh air and ideal freshness! After visiting and enjoying the city with the fantastic lake we set off towards the City of serenades.

👉🏻 The small Paris KORCE. Tourism in this city has two important points and is often frequented by tourists, the villages of Voskopoja and Dardha. In addition to the mountainous climate, dense pine and fir forests, and the presence of an impressive landscape, tourists can find parts of the history and heritage of the Albanian people starting from the period of Byzantine rule. In Voskopoja there are a considerable number of Orthodox churches and monasteries that belong to this period. The village of Boboshtica is famous for its nature, centuries-old berry trees. During the winter these three tourist villages offer ski slopes for their visitors.

👉🏻 After visiting the beautiful city we will start in another fantastic destination such as Voskopoja, a little history, and culture for the place of churches, free time for coffee and we leave towards the village Boboshtice, there we will be able to enjoy the traditional dishes of Korca. (not included in the package) The next destination is the beautiful Drilon.

👉🏻 Drilon is a characteristic village of the area. The streams that flow into the Lake, the small wooden bridges, the gardens surrounded by willows, the boats that swing over the water alleys, have turned this place into one of the most attractive points for tourism. Drilon flora and fauna are among the most diverse in Albania. The fresh forests of this village, where the river of the same name flows, create a fresh and relaxing environment. For these reasons, Drilon is also the place where the former dictator Enver Hoxha chose to spend his holidays, after we visited Drilon the last destination is Tushemishti.

👉🏻 A few kilometers from the border with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, the village is best suited for hotels and accommodation for locals and foreigners. Cobbled streets, old stone-built dwellings adapted for every season, make Tushemisht an ideal place to enjoy the natural monuments of eastern Albania. The beauty of Tushemisht.

👉🏻 After visiting the basilica church and Aunt Olgen's free time for coffee or walking while enjoying the sunset, then we prepare to return home (Tirana).

👉🏻 This is the end of the trip and our Aveturara that will stay in your memory for a long time, return to Tirana around 9:00 pm.

Thank you for your trust. We will serve you with pleasure and professionalism.

"Guida Albania" not just a guide but also an expedition

The 1-day package costs 20 euros / 2000 lek per person and includes:

  • Transport with minibus
  • Guide / companion

(This price is for groups with more than 10 members)

This expedition/guide is combined with;

  • History-Culture-Fun-Adventure-Beach-Exploration-Sailing
  • Traditional organic food, etc. (not included in the package)

What should we have with us in our backpack;

  • Water 1-5 liters (frozen)
  • Packaged foods, dried fruits, chocolates.
  • Refreshing/energetic drinks etc.
  • Sun cream, hats, goggles, electric car charger battery.
  • Shoes/sneakers, sandals for walking in the sand and mountains.
  • Cotton underwear with short and long sleeves.

🖊️ Bookings are made 5-6 days in advance and for more information contact us and visit our offices.

🖊️ Note: The 1/2 trip is also suitable for children aged 3-5 free, 5-10 half price.

🖊️ Address: Behind the fish market, 10-floor building, 2nd floor New Bazaar Tirana Albania.

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