📑 1-day guide to "Tirana mountains and Martanesh"

👉🏻 The programme

  • Departure from Tirana 08:00 at Avni. Rustemi Square, New Bazaar, Tirana, Albania.
  • Some rest, and coffee along Dajti street (Dajti Park) then we continue our journey making the mountains in Tirana.
  • Res Around 09:00 we arrive in the area of ​​Selita and Feken lakes. Here begins our adventure, complete with exploring the surrounding areas and continue our journey (by minibus), along the road to Stanos Linos at the bottom of the mountain with Gropa.
  • Biza Lakr Martanesh-It is our goal and objective. We start towards it and reach the large and green field of Biza to saturate the eye with space, springs, rivers, and forests that surround it like a kidney in the middle of fat.
  • The  |Vali cave is up to 150 m high and over 250 m long but from the folklore of the inhabitants of the area, it is said that this cave has no end and can last over 3 hours of the journey inside it and at the end, there is a lake. Inside the mountain, adventurers need air bombs to be inserted to the end, this is reinforced by the legend of Vali.
  • * Legend of Vali * Many years ago there was a Cobaneshe who was grazing her cattle near the Cave. It was called Vali. Meanwhile, there was heavy rain and hail and unfortunately, the river Bize which enters the cave has taken Cobaneshen together with her cattle, from the gorge through the cave has taken her to Martanesh, since that day the inhabitants called Gryka and Cave of Val.
  • Lake  of Bize surprises with a fantastic view which has been advertised by Financial Time and K. Minister E. Rama, we walk along the lake. We look at the relaxing views that are covered with forest branches to the lake, the ideal place for consumed little food we took with us.
  • Shengjergji Waterfall-an attraction of the capital, the waterfall is up to 35 m high, and a large flow of water especially in the springtime. There is a special beauty that should not be left without visiting, after exploring the waterfall we leave for Tirana with a panoramic stop in Dajt National Park.
  • This is the end of the trip and our Advetura that will stay in your memory for a long time, return to Tirana around 20:00 in the evening.

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The Package cost 25 euros for person

(this price is for groups minimum 10 Persons)

The Price includes:


Guides all around Tirana Mountains


✅What you should have with you:
Sports clothes, hiking shoes or sneakers, backpacks, 1.5 liter water bottle, cotton clothes for changing, takeaway food, dry fruits, BATHROOM CLOTHES. chocolate, and as much energy as possible

✅Meeting place:Avni Rustemi Square,pazari i ri  Tirane,Albania

✅ Duration 4-5 hours: Start at 09.00- Finish around 14.00-15.00 pm

✅ Reservations 7-10 days, in front of our offices behind the fish market 10-storey building, 2-nd floor New Bazaar Tirana ,if you can not, text us in Whatsupp number

✅Booking way: free booked 365 days on the year

✅The payment way it's CHASH or bank transfer

✅For more info: + 355 697236304  Whatsupp, Viber, sms or Call

Instagram : @guidaalbania

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