Holta Canyon stretches for 3 kilometers, with the slopes of the valley that
reach up to 100-150 m and with water depth going up to 3 m. Canyon
there are steep slopes filled with karstic caves as well as pits with
thermal waters. Attendance usually starts from the spring period until
the beginning of autumn, as in periods of heavy rainfall the river level rises
makes it difficult or on certain days impossible to traverse the whole
foot canyon.

📑The plan:

  • We leave at 08:00 am, near Sheshi A.Rustemi the new Tirana bazaar, Albania.
  • Short coffee stops 20-30 Minutes on the national road
  • We arrive in the village of Holte and prepare for an event at the Holte Canyon,
    - in the canyon where at all times it accompanies us and the river that is formed is formed by the mountains
    Valamare and traverses the steep canyon, the walk should be done in groups because there are
    places that are also deep water pits, genius opportunities to make the beach according to
    desire, in return, is the time to relax in the thermal baths.
  • People who will not walk through the canyon can stay at the entrance
    canyon because there are some thermal baths (natural thermal baths)
  • Kabashi Cave another magical mountain destination awaits us


It is located near the village of Kabash, at an altitude of 900 m above sea level, known
by residents of the area as Farrica Cave. Its entrance is almost invisible, as
it is narrow, but inside it is a rare and quite attractive beauty.
With strange shapes created by Stalactite and Stalagmite, with spaces of
narrows, extensions, ramifications, and underground labyrinths. We can find places
and water leakage accumulations.

  • The walk to the cave takes about 2 hours to get there, it is difficult to walk and
    affordable for groups with people in good physical shape, after enjoying the view
    magic that the balcony of Shkembi i Kabashit offers us we return again to the village of Kabash
    lunch my in village conditions where a local house has prepared lunch especially for
    we with traditional village food (grilled lamb from his flock) .etc, little coffee break
    and we set off towards the beautiful city of Gramsh and visit the small city, then if weather is great we will do a boat trip on the Lake.
  • Bath (Extra charge for those who wish 300 lek per person).
  • Return to Tirana around 19:30 PM, this is where our adventure ends.
    Thank you for your trust we will serve you with pleasure and professionalism

👉🏻 What to have with you!
Sportswear, Shoes for Hiking or Sneakers, Sandals, Backpacks, Water Bottles 1 .5
Liter, changing clothes/cotton clothes, dried fruits, juices, creams, sun size, glasses, etc.
and as much desire to explore.
👉🏻 The package costs 1500 lek per person and includes;

(This price is only for groups with more than 10 members)

  • My minibus transport
  • Guiden / Society

Guida Albania not just a guide but also an expedition

👉🏻️ This Guide is combined with;

  • story
  • culture
  • fun
  • adventure
  • beach
  • exploration
  • mountaineering
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