📑 1-day guide to "Bashtova Castle-Karavasta Lagoon"

👉🏻 The plan:

  • Departure from Tirana 08:00 near A. Rustemi Square, New Bazaar, Tirana, Albania.
  • Stop for a little rest and coffee along the road (Piro Lala) then continue our journey towards the Western Lowlands.
  • Around 09:00 we arrive in the area of ​​Divjaka, here begin our adventure initially by exploring the park and lagoon.
  • Karavastase Lagoon is certainly the most beautiful lagoon in the Adriatic Sea, it is separated from the sea by the pine forest of Divjaka. The lagoon is composed of an inner lagoon and a smaller outer lagoon. Three canals connect the lagoon with the Adriatic Sea. The lagoon has been declared a National Park and is the only official site protected by the Ramsar Convention.
  • During the boat trip, we will have the opportunity to see a variety of birds Where the most famous is the Curly Pelican (Pelikanus Crispus) which makes nests in the lagoon, we will also see the Flamingo migrants who at this time cover the lagoon, in total are numbered more than 228 species of birds.
  • Boating will last about 1:30 - 2 hours, we return to the starting point and the time for hiking is about 1 hour and some through the forest of Divjaka enjoying nature under the shade of Pines and greenery that surrounds us.
  • Another pleasure that we will not leave without enjoying, such as the Observation Tower, about 35 above, at the tower we will have the opportunity to see with the naked eye but also the Binoculars, where everything looks like in the palm of the hand Laguna, The Adriatic, as well as a host of birds that live and migrate in the lagoon.
  • In the end, we will visit a small museum of the Karavasta area as it has just been built by the inhabitants of the area as well as by EU donors.
  • My Lunch, we will never be able to resist without enjoying the traditional Bio food with their fantastic dishes in one of the restaurants of the Zone.
  • A little relaxation and photos on the seashore in Divjake we return to the park and start towards a historical-Cultural destination Venice.
  • Ht Boshtove Castle which is located west of the estuary of the river Shkumbi Boshtove- Rrogozhine It is a cultural monument, the castle was built in the XV century and was used by the Venetians for trade exchanges, it is the only castle in Europe built in our country.
  • It is time to enjoy the sunset in the castle shade, the estuary of Shkumbin, and the whole surrounding area.
  • This is the end of the trip and our Aveturara that will stay in your memory for a long time, return to Tirana around 21: 00-22: 00 in the evening.

Thank you for your trust we will serve you with pleasure and professionalism

”Guida Albania” is not just a guide but also an expedition.

👉🏻  1-day package 15 euro / 1600 lek per person and includes:

(This price is only for groups with more than 10 members)

👉🏻 Includes:

  • Transport minibus
  • Boating
  • Entrance to the Church and museum
  • Guide / companion

👉🏻 This expedition / Guide is combined with;

-History-Culture-Fun-Adventure-Beach-Exploration-Mountaineering-Sailing-Traditional bio food, etc.

👉🏻 What should we have with us in our backpack;

  • -Water 1-5 liters, dried fruits, chocolates, refreshing / energy drinks, etc.
  • -Sunscreen, hats, goggles, electric car charger battery.
  • -Shoes / Sneakers, sandals for hiking.
  • -Cotton underwear with short and long sleeves for the evening.

👉🏻 The price does not include:

  • Everything that is not mentioned in this program
  • This guide is also suitable for children suggested from the age of 3-4 free, 5-10 half price.

👉🏻 Bookings are made 5-6 days in advance and for more information contact us and visit our offices.

Address: Behind the market Fish Ap.10 floor, second floor New Bazaar Tirana Albania.

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