The mountains of Dibra are the roof of Albania and culminate with Mount Korab. The mountain is divided in half
Albania and Northern Macedonia but its highest peak culminates in Albania in 2764
meters. Korabi is surrounded by the national park of the same name and is known for its vegetation and fauna
fantastic that has not been damaged by urban development phenomena. The park is surrounded by lakes
alpine, impressive hone which rest on mountain ranges hidden behind trees
lush. Near them breathe small villages with few inhabitants, the area of ​​the mountains of Dibra is known
for more than 50 natural monuments which are fanatically preserved by the inhabitants.

The Program

Day 1
* Departure will be at 7:00 am dt…. ne Sheshi A.Rustemi parari I ri tirane
Albania, the trip will be done with our very cozy minibuses
Our first stop will be 20-30 minutes for a quick coffee along the way
* Around 09:30 we arrive in Peshkopi, the capital of Dibra, we visit the city of time and
free for coffee walks, then we will visit the Museum of the Kastriots that are located in us
Bishop, a little history and culture for the Kastriots.
We are located in one of the best guesthouses / hotels in the area with rooms 2/3/4 according to
your wish.
My Lunch is the time to enjoy the traditional and very tasty food of the area
with famous jufkas and many other fantastic dishes.
After a well-enjoyed lunch we rest a bit and prepare for a bit
adventure. Our next destination is the Seta canyon a fantastic canyon built
with caves and small waterfalls, walking and exploration will take about an hour
after we have explored the canyon we return to Peshkopi
Fantastic opportunity to make lixha in highly healing thermal waters, this is also according to
The evening takes us on a walk in the small mountain town of Peshkopi, then we will enjoy
dinner with traditional food with their fantastic dishes, this is optional
(dinner is optional), Dibran songs and dances until midnight.
Day 2
Waking up early in the morning we consume light breakfast and prepare for the Objective
main tone The enchanting mountain of Korab.
We set off in the direction of Zimur Village and will use the local transport of the suitable area
for the terrain that leads to the village.
* Transportation costs 300 lek and is not included in the package
Zimuri is otherwise called the balcony of Dibra and all of Albania is the highest village in the country

Time for challenges and adventure heading to Korab, the climb will keep us about 6 hours on vacation
along the way enjoying the Alps, water sources of the Black Drin as well as small lakes
-we'll catch the long-awaited peak uaaao it looks like we're holding a cloud in our hands
we enjoy the magic of the highest altitude in Europe, relax a bit and get ready
for return, deduction not more than 3 hours this also depends on the group, we return from
the point where I left and ready to return home.
* Arrival in Tirana around 20: 30-21: 00, with the best impressions from our trip our service and adventure ends.
* Guide is the 3rd difficult but affordable level for all persons
deal with fitness or who are in good physical condition.
* Thank you for your trust we will serve you with pleasure and Professionalism
* Anything not mentioned above is not included in the Package
* What you should have with you we suggest;
I.D.or Passports sportswear, hiking shoes or sneakers, backpack, bottles
water 1.5 Liters of water, cotton clothes for shifts, sunscreen, sunglasses, flashlight or
e, dried fruit, chocolate .etc
* This trip is combined with:
Guest House
Traditional food, etc.
* Package Costs ..... € ..... lek per person
1.Transport (Tirana-Peshkopi-Zimur - Tirana),
2. Transport with local vans (only in the village of Zimur)
3. Bedroom in the hotel
7.Guida (group companion).
* Reservation conditions *
* Bookings are made 5-6 days in advance and for more information contact us and visit us
our offices.
ResAddress: Behind the markatos Pallkut Pall.
Contact: +355 97236304, WhatsApp, Viber, Sms Call
-Fb Guida Albania.
-Insta @guidaalbania
-Linkedin Guida Albania
-Guida Albania Agency

The ascents to Korab usually start from Radomira, a small village at the foot of the mountain. After him
paths and valleys are traversed several times wet by the waters of the Black Drin. The road is long,
it takes several hours to bring the necessary equipment and food. Dress lightly with clothes
that withstand such trips and with alpine shoes that do not slip on rocks.

It takes about 3 hours by car from Tirana to Radomira because the distance to traverse
is 180 km.Zimuri is also a small village that is usually used as a camping site
or relaxation to get forces towards climbing or vice versa

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