👉🏻 Day 1: Tirana - Vlora - Karaburun

  • At 07:00 the departure is from Tirana / Rinasi, stop for coffee and long rest
    national road.
  • Arrival and accommodation in Vlora;
  • Travel by boat through the Karaburun Peninsula, where you can
    1. The statue of Haxhi Alise, a natural monument (The only Albanian Pirate)
    2. The beautiful rock and beach of St. John's;
    3. Beach in the fantastic Bay of St. Basil, Lunch with traditional cooking
    4. Hiking from Saint Vasili to the Bear Bay 3-4 hours (optional)
    5. Return by boat to Vlora.
  • Sunset in the castle of Kanina, a little History, and Culture
  • Dinner with fantastic dishes at the Hotel
  • Free time for walking in Lungo mare and Welcome Party after dinner
    until late hours (optional).

👉🏻 Day 2: Vlora - Dhermi-Drimadhes

  • Early awakening for fans a little walking or running in the Lungomare and
    Breakfast at the Hotel.
  • We set off for Dhermi, stop at Llogara, time for yogurt with honey.
  • Adventure for Paragliding extreme sports enthusiasts.
  • Stop for a break in Palase.
  • We receive accommodation in the Dhermi hotel.
  • Departure by Skaf from Dhërmiu to Drimadhes, stop at one of the few bays
    rest and consume lunch we continue to Palase St. Bay Andreas.
  • We explore the magical bay of Grama and the unique blue cave.
  • Free time / Beach we return to the starting point.
  • Dinner with traditional cooking in Dhermi.
  • Free time Fire by the sea, wine and full of friendship.

👉🏻 Day 3: Dhermi - Gjipe - Jale-Himare

  • Waking up early for lovers of a little walk or a run by the sea, in the morning
  • Hiking 30.40 min to Gjipese Bay, visit to Dhermi Monastery.
  • We arrive in Gjipe for lunch in the resorts of the area, visit by boat to the Cave
    of Pirates.
  • We explore the fantastic canyon, we practice the beautiful sport of Mountaineering.
  • Free time Beach in Gjipe and for enthusiasts time for Scuba diving.
  • Return to the beautiful beach of Jales where we will enjoy the sunset.
  • Accommodation in Himara hotel.
  • Visit the historic castle of Himara.
  • Himarjote cooking dinner is consumed.
  • Group activities (games, various animations, Fire, etc.).

👉🏻 Day 4: Himare-Borsh-Qeparo- Lukove-Sarande

  • Waking up early for fans a little walking or running on the white sand of
    Lukoves, breakfast at Hotel.
  • Visit the magnificent Castle of Ali Pasha in Porto Palermo for a little history-
  • Arriving in Borsh we visit the castle of Sopot and the village.
  • Coffee and relax at the Borsh Waterfall.
  • Beach and beam on the beach of Borshi.
  • My lounge with local borsch products.
  • We start towards Lukova, hotel accommodation.
  • Hiking to Krorez Bay takes about 1 hour to relax on the beach in the most beautiful bay
    of the Albanian revivalist.
  • Visit the monastery of Krorez return to the luxuries.
  • Dinner at the hotel, free walk in the playground, various animation games.

👉🏻 Day 5: Lukove-Sarande-kakome-butrint

  • Waking up early for lovers of a little walk or a run by the sea, Breakfast at
  • Departure to Saranda hotel accommodation.
  • Lunch at one of the best restaurants in Saranda.
  • Scuba diving in the beautiful Gulf of Kakomese.
  • We return to Saranda and enjoy coffee again at Lekuresi Castle.
  • We consume dinner at the hotel, free time at the Irish Pub in Saranda until
    late at night hours.

👉🏻 Day 6: Saranda –Butrint- ksamil - Syri kaler

  • Waking up early for lovers of a little walk or a run by the sea, Breakfast at
  • Visit the Ancient City of Butrint and Lake Butrint.
  • The three islands in Ksamil are our next destination, exploration beach, we have lunch at the restaurant restaurants in the area.
  • Visit the Blue Eye in Delvine.
  • Visit the Illyrian Castle of Finiq.
  • We set off towards the stone city of Gjirokastra, accommodation in the Hotel.
  • We visit the city, the magnificent Gjirokastra Castle bazaar.
  • Dinner at one of the best restaurants in the City.
  • Free citizenship in the city or on Lake Viro.

👉🏻 Day 7: Gjirokaster-Libohove-labove-Tepelene-Tirana

  • Awakening early for enthusiasts little walk on cobblestone streets
    breakfast at Hotel.
  • Visit the small town of Libohova, the castle, and the centuries-old maple.
  • Visit to Labove Church of the Cross Laboratory.
  • Exploration of Selcka waterfall and gorge.
  • We set off towards Tirana with a short break in the cold water in Tepelena.
  • Stop for coffee and rest along the way.
  • Our return to Tirana / Rinas ends here and our service.

👉🏻 At the price of 275 euros per person and include:

  • Minibus transport according to the program ✓
  • Accommodation 5 nights at Hotel ✓
  • Breakfast ✓


  • Entrance tickets through the Castle and Museum.
  • Shoot with Karaburun speedboat 30 euros.

Tour with jetski in Gjipe 20 euros.
Jetski tour in Grama Bay 30 euros.
Skaf - Kakome - Krorëz boat tour 35 euros.
Full travel package with boat 100 euros.

Prices for children:

  • 0-2 years free.
  • Under 10 half price.
  • Over 10 full price.

** optional

  • - Scuba Diving - 25 euros
  • - Stand up Paddle - 25 euros
  • - Paragliding - 50 euros

Return to Tirana around 21: 30-22: 00 in the evening, this is where the Service ends
and our Aveturara
Guida Albania is not just a guide but also an expedition.
This expedition / Guide is combined with:
- History

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